Ladies & Gents exists first time as part of Unleashed Devices exhibition at Watermans Arts Centre from Sep 3 - Oct 22, 2010. Image taken at Watermans's ticket hall.

Part of Unleashed Devices exhibition 3 September – 22 October 2010 at Watermans Art Centre 40 High Street Brentford TW8 0DS United Kingdom

Inspired by public lavatory graphic culture Nanda K & Patrick T have developed this robotic installation to be a site-specific piece that plays on ideas of gender, morphology and symbolisation.

In the ticket hall of Watermans Art Centre, Ladies Gents is now capturing toilet users’ physicality and (re) producing new symbols for the ladies and the gents from 11am to 9pm everyday. Its drawing merges ephemerality of graphical expression and sign language that appears in the context of public lavatories. A new symbol is drawn every time a user enters the toilet and shortly thereafter erased, leaving space for new physical traces of other presences to exist.

For more information visit:

• real-time text-based update blog: http://twitter.com/ladyandgent

• real-time video-based update blog: www.damesetmessieurs.blogspot.com

• url (fully launched on 22 Sep 2010): www.ladiesandgentsdiary.wordpress.com

• contact nanda K & patrick T: nandakandpatrickt@gmail.com